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Odin To Activate Windows 7 Activator yakicran




but it didn't work.What's the problem? can i install windows 7 on ubuntu 12.04 If you install windows 7, you get an other license. no i cant installed windows 7 on my dual boot Ubuntu 12.04 is a good edition Then why do you want to install Windows 7? If you dont want to install it, use the appropriate editions. bekks like there is a option called Classic mode to install ubuntu vishnu_: There isnt. vishnu_: Like I said, use an appropriate edition. tell me vishnu_: Tell you what? which one is appropriate for me vishnu_: The latest Ubuntu version. vishnu_: We dont care what edition you are currently using - and what edition you want to use. ikr i dont know how to install windows 7 on ubuntu 12.04 vishnu_: Then first you need to learn how to install a Windows 7. Which doesnt require Ubuntu. Its not hard. ubuntu have lot of apps vishnu_: It has openoffice, skype, ubuntu-restricted-extras, etc. bekks, i have a ubuntu 12.04 which i installed vishnu_: Thats all. and i am using it but the system is not so good vishnu_: Which application doesnt work? like the gnome shell is not working i dont have sound And how do you check that? the sound icon is not there Did you install




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Odin To Activate Windows 7 Activator yakicran

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